(in alphabetic order)


Ayman Hussein is an filmmaker who learned filmmaking through a strong passion and workshops. Since 2005 Ayman has worked for Semat Production & Distribution as a director, producer, and editor of several films and was in charge of different activities.He directed seven shorts, four of which won eight awards at National and international film festivals, and wrote the scripts for all his films. He curated programs for film festivals and different events and has been working for the past six years, as a volunteer representing Semat, with over 70 NGO’s and civil society organizations on the issue of street children in Egypt.


Basma El Husseiny is an arts manager and a cultural activist who has been involved in supporting in dependent cultural projects and organizations in the Arab region for the past 20 years. She is currently managing director of Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Culture Resource), a regional non-profit organization that aims to support young artists and writers and stimulate cultural exchange within the region and with the world. She has also co-founded, and is a trustee of, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, an independent regional foundation.

Hala GalalHala Galal is a film director, script writer and producer. She is the founder and executive director of SEMAT Production & Distribution (Cairo). She realised more than 18 documentaries and produced more than 15. Her long documentary ‘Women ChitChat’ won the Silver Prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2006. Hala Galal has participated in several local and international film festivals in recent years, and has been a guest speaker and lecturer in many festivals, conferences and workshops. Hala galal  supports an alternative education project that began in 2002 that aims to support young generations in producing their films and to establish a network in the Arab region.

MkhouryMarianne Khoury produces and directs films that engage the audience at an intimate level so they share her passion for controversial themes such as identity, memory, breaking ground, marginalization and social exclusion. Despite an educational background in Economics pursued both in Cairo and Oxford, Marianne gravitated towards the cinema world soon after graduating. For more than three decades, Marianne has been a close collaborator of iconic film-maker Youssef Chahine. She was instrumental in introducing the first edition of the Panorama of the European Film in Cairo in 2004.


Ranwa Yehia began her career as a journalist in Beirut, covering daily events as well as writing weekly analytical articles for the Cairo-based Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper. In 2001, Ranwa moved to Cairo and began a Master’s degree at the American University. Ranwa’s professional work there included acting as a correspondent for theLos Angeles Times, for the German news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur. At that time, she began working with people and organizations focused on the rights of refugees in Egypt. Through her work as ADEC Project Director, Ranwa is empowering Arab youth with digital know-how and critical thinking, and has created a safe, ‘cool’ space where young people may freely express themselves without inhibition or judgment.


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