hadeerHadeer – I am one of the “El Raseef” team, a cultural space in Maadi, where I help organizing culture events. I love marketing especially in the field of Culture and Art. For this reason, I decided to learn more about “culture management” and how to manage a culture event as festivals, seminars, concerts, and also how to do good marketing that it’s also my field of study. I began to read more about marketing in culture and arts, culture management and its principles as a self-study at home; then, I knew about the workshops that SEMAT was preparing so I thought it could be a good start for my career. I want to learn how to market cultural events in the right way, Culture is the backbone of any society and reflect all the traditions, contradictions and ambitions of any society and I love this field really much.
Mohamed Elfatih - MaanMohamed el-Fatih – I come from Aswan and I am 27 years old.  I am a Researcher in Development Management group  and I studied Computer Science and Technology. I am participating to this workshop to development my skills and my experience on the cultural management as I want that my cities becomes more active in this sector.
wesam hassalaWesam – I am currently working as financial and executive manager at Hassala Films which is a collective production house that aims at helping young filmmakers to make their long feature films as much as independent they can outside the commercial film scene in Egypt. We expect from the workshop to focus on how to succeed as newly emerging cultural entities and how to develop a solid structure to reach the larger number of groups and implement the largest number of projects and initiatives.
Mohamed Rashad - HassalaMohamed Rashad – I am from Alexandria and I studied cinema in several workshops organized by the Jesuit Cultural Center and Semat. I was Assistant Director for many short and feature films, among them Hala Lotfy’s award winning film Coming Forth by Day. I wrote and directed two short films, “From Afar” and “Maxim”. I am a co-founder of Hassala Films I am currently working on my first long documentary “Little Eagles”  thanks to a grant received from AFAC.
Youssra Nader - Ma'anYousra – I am graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Media Department , I am 23 years old and I am from Aswan too. I work as journalist in the newspaper Modern Aswan and I am also a photographer. I applied to Cinemanet to learn more about culture management.
Hazem gizaHazem – I am participating in the workshop of Cinemanet because I am interested in Independent cinema and its promotion. Moreover, I am shooting videos as journalist, that is my profession and I would like to gain experience in organization cinema festival and event in Egypt.
Nadine HassalaNadine – I graduated from a filmmaking school in Egypt in 2006 and I started my career as independent filmmaker in 2011 where I directed my first short documentary “Dawn”. I am currently working on my first long feature length documentary “Mother of the Unborn” supported by Afac, IDFA Bertha Fund and the Hot Docs Blue Ice Documentary Film Fund. I joined the workshop as a representative of Hassala Films with the aim to know more about cultural management, to be able to support Hassala film developments and to widen its network.
 DoaaDoaa – I am graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Media department. Since three years, I am responsible for the cultural activities of Damanhour Opera House. I joined the CINEMANET workshop to acquire a variety of skills in the field of cultural activities as well as to development my professional performance in the field of festivals organization.

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